Hey! You may call me Iris, even though it's not my actual name (that's a secret). Welcome to my blog! ^-^ I'm a 17 year old (04/04/1997) half time lord fangirl from London.

This is my personal blog <3

Currently, I am studying my A-Levels at 6th form and I really really wish to study medicine in the future! I take Biology, Chemistry, Maths and English Literature. in case you're curious. :3

I also juggle the intense overwhelming flood of emotions that comes along with being a part multiple fandoms*, simultaneously, while also working on my novel and creating edits/fan art.

(OH & I LOVE MAKING FAN ART! - Check out the edits page :3)

*see fandom list below.


A few years ago I WAS diagnosed with depression and am also an EX self harmer.
(Clean since 12/10/2012) I do not promote self harm, or suicide. I believe in recovery.

Tumblr is my outlet and it's the most amazing world I have ever entered!

It's taken me quite a lot to get back up and crawl out from wherever I have been but as many may understand; once you've been to those darkest depths you're somewhat haunted by it.
The thing is I am better now and I'm so glad I can say that. :)

I often find it difficult to be the true true me in real life (doesn't everyone?) which is why Tumblr is my release.
Through all those days of fake smiles and silent crying I had to endure, Tumblr was there for me: somewhere to go, somewhere to just let everything out. Somewhere to be myself! It still is! Come on! Where else can I ship insanely to my hearts content!?

I want you guys to know that recovery is so very sweet ^_^
I hope to do so so much now that I am on my feet again. I want people to know that recovery is possible, it really really is!
And most of all I want to make a difference to the world.

People say I'm good with advice. So if anyone needs to talk, please feel free to message me.
I know what it's like to feel so completely lost and alone and I know how much it means to know someone is there.

♥ I'm there. ♥
♥ I'd honestly love to help in anyway ♥
♥ Stay Strong ♥

♥ Dreamer ♥ Writer ♥ Artist ♥ Human ♥


♥ Doctor Who ♥
♥ Sherlock ♥ Supernatural ♥
♥ Harry Potter ♥ The Vampire Diaries ♥ The Originals ♥ Once Upon A Time ♥
♥ Pretty Little Liars ♥ Glee ♥ Game Of Thrones ♥


P.S I track the tag #irisdream

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