Hey! You may call me Iris, even though it's not my real name (that's a secret). Welcome to my blog! ^-^ I'm a 17 year old (04/04/1997) full time fangirl from London!

This is my personal blog
Currently, I am studying my A-Levels at 6th form and I really really wish to study medicine in the future! I take Biology, Chemistry, Maths and English Literature. (in case you're curious. :3)

During which I still somehow manage to survive the overwhelming flood of feels that comes along with being a part of so many fandoms*. Yep I have no idea how xD
I also love writing as a whole, including Fanfiction and enjoy creating edits/fanart very much so too! :)

*see fandom list below.


A few years ago I did go through a rough patch with depression and am also an ex-self harmer.
(Clean since 12/10/2012) I do not promote self harm, or suicide. I believe in recovery.

It's taken me quite a lot to get back up and crawl out from wherever was but the thing is I am better now and I'm so glad I can say that. :)

So in a way Tumblr is my outlet, it's who I am and it's also the most amazing world I have ever entered!
Where else can I ship so profusely to my hearts content?!

People say I'm good with advice. So if anyone needs to talk, please feel free to message me.
I know what it's like to feel so completely lost and alone and I know how much it means to know someone is there.

♥ I'm there. ♥
♥ I'd honestly love to help in anyway ♥
♥ Stay Strong ♥

♥ Dreamer ♥ Writer ♥ Artist ♥ Human ♥


♥ Doctor Who ♥
♥ Sherlock ♥ Supernatural ♥
♥ Harry Potter ♥ Divergent ♥ The Hunger Games ♥
♥The Vampire Diaries ♥ The Originals ♥
♥ Once Upon A Time ♥ Pretty Little Liars ♥ Game Of Thrones ♥
♥ Orphan Black ♥ Glee ♥


P.S I track the tag

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"I have a werewolf temper to go with my new appetite and the witches who tried to kill my baby, there worth nothing more than food."

- Hayley Marshall

"Once upon a time, there was a majestic king. He was blessed with a beautiful baby daughter for whom he wished only peace. Still, the king had demons who pursued him. There was a ruthless beast who wanted to take the kingdom for her own. Armed with a pack of untamed creatures, she drove all the other magical beings from the land. And there was a wicked sorcererous with enchanted stones that weakened the king every full moon. Seeing the shadows his enemies caused upon his home, the king was driven to send his beloved princess away, convincing all that remain that she was forever lost."

- Rebekah’s Fairytale to Baby Hope (The Originals)